Code for America: Inspiring a new generation of civic coders

What will the new Code for America Fellows be doing, now that the inaugural class has been chosen? Code for America’s CTO, Dan Melton, offered more insight into the forthcoming projects at the International Open Government Data Conference (IOGDC) today in Washington, D.C., where he talked about school ID cards in Boston, civic leader networks in Philadelphia and Seattle, and CivicCommons in the District of Columbia.

Audio of Melton’s talk is available on uStream. Melton and hundreds of attendees will be on the Code for America webinar today at 4 PM EST.

His presentation from IOGDC on “CRUD-ing the government,” which I was unable to record or attend due to my involvement in a parallel panel, is embedded below:

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  1. […] There’s also more to “hacking” than lawbreaking. Around the globe, there’s now a genuine movement of civic hacking afoot, which adds to the etymology of hacking “efforts that put technology, and particularly Internet technology, to work solving the problems of civic life,” as Nick Judd writes at techPresident. “Civic hacktivists” (also known as favorably called “civic developers) now gather together around the globe. Code for America is inspiring a new generation of civic coders. […]

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